Turbocharger and boost control products for Motorsport applications

SINCE 1993


Proud to be chosen for the multi-year 24hr Le Mans winning Toyota GR010 Hypercar


Power Is Nothing Without Control

Whether you’re controlling turbine swallowing capacity with a lightweight stainless turbine housing, maintaining accurate boost and exhaust pressures with a compact, high-flow wastegate, or preventing dangerous compressor spike during deceleration with a robust, high-volume blow-off valve, TiALSport products can be relied upon to deliver, regardless of operating conditions.

U.S. Designed and Manufactured

TiALSport is proud to develop and manufacture all of our products in the U.S.

Premium Features Are Our Standard

Wastegate Features

TiALSport’s MV-Series wastegates were the first to offer water-cooled actuator housings, over a decade ago, and are the most compact units on the market.

The V60D was the industry’s first compressed-gas-specific wastegate, released in 2015

The MVI 2.5D is the first positively-sealed integral wastegate (IWG) actuator.

All external wastegates feature Haynes HR120SS valves, cast and machined completely in-house.

All external wastegates feature a proprietary 316SS alloy, also cast and machined completely in-house.

Blow-Off Valve Features

With the release in the mid-1990’s of the legacy-model BV50, TiALSport has been at the forefront of high-flow compressor bypass devices, commonly referred to as Blow-Off Valves.

Released in 2009, the Q and QR raised the bar for flow, and these still remain the highest-flowing, most compact devices in their market segment.

The QRJ, released in 2014, provided for a compact, modular solution for both atmospheric and recirculated bypass.

All along the way, features such as our exclusive billet v-clamps, FKM piston sealing rings and range of optional springs and colors have made TiALSport Blow-Off Valves the industry standard.

Stainless Turbine Housings

With an on-site foundry, our investment-cast stainless-steel turbine housings have provided a lightweight, high-strength alternative to sand-cast housings since the early 2000’s.

An extensive range of frame-specific housings, each with several A/R options, is offered. It’s the largest range of housings available for popular motorsport turbochargers, period.

Designed, engineered, tooled, machined and investment-cast, all under one roof at our facility here in Michigan.

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