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TiAL Alpha R770


Bolt on turbo kit for the 2000-2002 Audi S4 capable of over 770hp with supporting modifications. If hunting down Enzo's, ZR1's and Zonda's is what's on your mind, this is the kit for you. Bringing twin Garrett GT28s for your Audi 2.7T Powerplant.

TiAL R770

The turbos are Based on TWIN Garrett turbochargers.  The Turbine housings are custom machined for use with the stock manifolds 2.7T Manifolds. Various output flanges are available, from stock outline ( use your current downpipes ) to fully divorced WG paths for vent to atmo, or other custom solutions. )  The compressor cover was specifically selected for its aerodynamic properties, diffuser area, and overall diameter.  The internal rotating assembly is devolved by US at TiAL to offer the power and response of our design parameters, while preserving the fastest possible spool rate and lowest boost threshold obtainable turbo. What sets us apart is that we designed our system to achieve our desired characteristic output, rather than engineering a way to bolt on an available turbocharger to the engine. We would not accept compromise, and keeping the characteristic output of the VERY potent and torquey V6 was a main priority.

Components Included:

Oil Drain Flange gasket and Stainless hardware.
Goodrich 250 PSI Water Lines ( in Silver Silicon fire sleeve )
Stainless steel Banjos bolts
Aluminum Banjo's and Copper washers

Actuator Signal Lines:
100% solid AN connection, -4AN fitings, and Teflon lined Stainless Steel braided hose. From the compressor cover, to the N75's -4AN tee fitting which is provided.

Actuator Pressure Lines:
As to leave nothing to chance with silicone or rubber hose, the WG pressure lines have also been prepared in Stainless steel braided -4 line. There is a custom actuator with a -4AN threaded signal port for a direct adapter free connection. Since the WG's can hold 34 PSI+  ( more if you adjust the preload ),  would be catastrophic with a failed rubber line.

Oil lines:
-4 An stainless steel braided Lines. 10mm Banjo fittings to the OEM 2.7's Turbo oil distribution block. Protected and shielded with reflective Al/Silicon fire sleeve.

One piece inlets:
In stainless.  2.25" dia, over the stock 1.9". Designed to specifically fit these turbos and there new location of the compressor cover.

Silicon Recirculation Tubing:
Stock BBV Location and control can be retained.

Silicon Couplers:
There are 4 in the kit.
Each of them is of 4 Ply construction with aramid webbing, not the cheaper 3.  Black is standard, but red and blue can be ordered too. 2 hump hoses for the Inlet tubes to Y-pipe. 2 Straight couplers from the compressor Cover - Ic tubing. These are made of pure silicone, they have no organic fillers which will burn out and de-laminate.

Stainless Steel T-Bolt Clamps.

The R770's are externally identical to the s605's.
They feature a 47lb/min High pressure compressor wheels ( vrs the 36 lb/min R605 ) and a larger turbine.

Currently R770 turbos are producing over 720 awhp, on different platforms and vehicles.

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