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New for 2014 - The TiAL QRJ is our latest boost control valve. Designed with the needs of high performance recirculating systems in mind. The QRJ features a new body design, compact installation envelope, high-flow capacity, and configurable inlet and outlet ports.



  • For use on turbo-charged and super-charged applications (Paxton, Vortec, etc.). The body and all internal components are CNC-machined from 6061 aluminum alloy. It features a large 1.50 in (38.5mm) valve.
  • Optional configurations of Hose and or V-band connections for the inlet and outlet ports.
  • The valve seat seal utilizes a Viton O-ring that is clamped in place to prevent the possibility of sticking to the seat and pulling out. The valve stem and guide are Teflon-lubricated, hard anodize-coated for wear resistance.
  • The QRJ comes with our own machined aluminum banjo-type air fitting and bolt, with over sized 10mm hose barb for quick actuator response.
  • Color anodized aluminum options (Silver, Red, Blue, Purple, Black).
  • Multiple inlet and return port options for many install configurations.
  • Internal return spring pressure tuned for fastest response. Custom spring options are available for other configurations.
  • When Ordering, the Body, and 2 Flange sets will be selected.  [ Body #] + [ Inlet Flange #] + [ Outlet Flange #]

Whats in the Box

Included with every Tial QRJ:
QRJ Assembly
TiAL Air Fitting
Configured Port flanges of choice ( See Below )

Configurable Ports

alt The QRJ can be configured with V-Band and Hose connections on either port.
V-Band in - V-Band out
V-Band in - Hose out
Hose in - V-Band out
Hose in - Hose out
& A Diffuser outlet


TiAL V-Band Clamp

altTiAL Designed V-Band Clamps are manufactured in house.
CNC machined aluminum clamps ensure a secure and pressure tight fit. Featuring our new CNCd stainless steel swing out retaining hardware, to make installation and service simple and quick.

High performance Diaphragm

The QRJ features TiAL's high performance diagram. Long cycle life, zero leakage & zero breakaway friction. For fast and reliable boost control.

Available Colors



QRJ BOV Option
Flange Options 38.5mm (1.50in) Vband, QRJ to Q&QR Vband, 38.5mm (1.50in) Hose, 29mm (1.14in) Hose, 25.4mm (1.00in) Hose, Diffuser Flg
Flange Materials Aluminum, Stainless
Pipe Size Flange cut for 2"-3" IC pipe
Colors Black, Blue, Red, Purple, Silver
Spring Pressures -3psi - Other Configurations available.
Thread M10 x 1.0 ( Air Fitting )

Part Numbers

QRJ BOV Body Spring # Item #
Silver 3 Psi 004724
Black 3 Psi 004727
Red 3 Psi 004729
Blue 3 Psi 004726
Purple 3 Psi 004728
3 Psi will be the optimal spring for most applications.

Part Numbers - Flanges

QRJ BOV - Flanges Item Name Item #
38mm V-band Set (AL weld Flange) QRJWFAL1.5ClampKit 004809
38mm V-band Set (SS weld Flange) QRJWFSS1.5ClampKit 004811
38.5mm (1.50in) Hose Fitting QRJ1.5TubeFlg  004492
29.0mm (1.14in) Hose Fitting - QRJ 29MM Tube Flg QRJ1.14TubeFlg 004794
25.4mm (1.00in) Hose Fitting QRJ1.0TubeFlg 004812
Diffuser Outlet Port QRJDiffuserOutletFlg  004806
50mm Q V-Band Adapter QRJtoQ&QRVbFlg  004781

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