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Spotting a Counterfeit TiAL

Note: TiAL will NOT give tech support for knockoff products.

Knockoffs exist for the F35/38, F40/41, V44, F46, MV-S (both water cooled and non) as well as our 50mm BOV. These products are terrible fakes sold mostly on ebay and are imported from china. Just because it says TiAL on the wastegate does not mean it is real. If you have any doubts about a purchase, E-mail tech@tialsport com with a link or images and we will assist you.

Update 3/16/2010: New MV-S knockoffs have been found selling out of Malaysia. These units are selling for ~$149, have the TiAL logo on the casting and top and also have the 'made in USA' and SN markings. These knockoff units are selling for $50 wholesale.

Serial Numbers Confirmed on Knockoff Units: Avoid these!